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Dangerous Goods Activities



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Amazon Air does not ship packages labeled as “dangerous goods” due to the safety risks. Employees were frequently missorting dangerous goods packages, putting their air carriers at risk. As a result, supervisors asked for additional on-the-job training for these employees.

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I developed eight one-page (double-sided) learning activities for supervisors to conduct on the job as needed. The procedures for sorting packages were simple, so my goal was to emphasize the importance of properly handling dangerous goods. Specific objectives included:

  • identify dangerous goods

  • carry out appropriate safety procedures to escalate the situation to the Problem Solve team

  • explain the importance of performing safety inspections to prevent dangerous goods from being transported via air

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Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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These activities decreased inaccurate dangerous goods sorting by 25% within 1 month.

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